Since 1995, The Ridge Winery has been producing and marketing award winning wines! The Ridge Winery commemorates two hundred years of American wine history by restoring the trade to Switzerland County, Indiana, the birthplace of the first successful commercial winery in the United State. In 1989, winemaker Tom Demaree decided to turn his passion into a business and with the assistance of family and friends, Tom is seeing his vision become a reality. The Ridge Winery produces varieties of wines using blends of select fruits and grapes. The Ridge Winery "Special Art Label" on Switzerland County Red Wine commemorates Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana as the first successful commercial winery in America. Their "Rura lCool" Riesling carries a beautiful art label depicting the Switzerland County Courthouse. The Ridge Winery takes pride in having available a wide range of fruit wines including: Blackberry, BlackJack, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach Crush, and Raspberry. Barrel aged wines are now available!

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