For the past decade we have been doing business with European manufacturers and have traveled extensively. All of us enjoy good food, and when we travel we make it a point to seek out unique cheeses and wines. The idea for a specialty creamery evolved organically. It was brought up, explored and set aside as we discussed other options. However, we kept coming back to the creamery. Most importantly, the thought of a creamery fit our skills and our passions. Looking around the room we knew we had the people required to not only construct and run the production, but to sell the product and manage the business as it grew. Schnabeltier is the region's first Artisan Cheesemaker and Farm Winery, and it is the Midwest's only facility that focuses primarily on cheese and wine production. Our goal is to achieve flavors in our wines that specifically complement our cheese selection, and to bring old world European flavor and artisan quality to the Midwest.

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