Mad Anthony Brewing Company

About Mad Anthony Brewing Company

In 1998, old friends with similar interests decided to turn passion into vocation. Todd Grantham had been brewing for more than half a decade while Blaine Stuckey had been piling up restaurant experience. When they teamed up with menu guru Jeff Neels in 1999, the trio had all the pieces to create a truly unique brewing/dining experience. Together they bought Fort Wayne’s Munchie Emporium with the goal of creating a brew house. These days, Mad Anthony will brew more than 2,000 barrels of beer annually from the tanks located on-site. From the very beginning, Mad Anthony was anything but normal. Steeped in the fun-loving tradition that had been established at the corner of Broadway and Taylor the city’s first microbrews were welcomed by friends, customers, and beer lovers throughout northern Indiana. Mad Anthony is known for having something on tap for every beer lover. When coupled with signature tastes like the Politician Pizza or Scooby Snacks, the stage was set for customers that came away satisfied by more than the beer.