Figure Ei8ht Brewing

About Figure Ei8ht Brewing

Figure Eight is a small craft brewery in downtown Valparaiso, (Vale Of Paradise). Started in 2010 we joined other craft brewers in Northwest Indiana, helping to solidify the area as a craft brew destination. Figure Eight is named after a knot used in sailing and rock climbing. Aside from crafting great beer, rock climbing is our passion. This knot is used to tie the safety rope to the climber’s harness. An aesthetically pleasing knot, when turned on its side, it looks like the symbol for infinity. We hold true to our passions, as we take Figure Eight Brewing to the limits. Our philosophy is simple. “Harness your F8 (fate).” Life is short and time is fleeting. If we wait too long to pursue our dreams, then we may never have the chance. As John Barrymore once said – “A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” Enjoy year-round and seasonal ales at your package store or in the Figure Ei8ht Brewpub. Those under 21 can enjoy root beer brewed in-house.