Spirits of French Lick

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Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition with Passion

Pushing boundaries and toying with tradition are both a big part of the distillation philosophy at Spirits of French Lick. Given the history of gambling in French Lick it would be impossible not to gamble a bit of whiskey on the prospect of creating something very unique. Their motto, Respect the Grain, is not taken lightly. They choose their grains very carefully, putting a lot of thought into proportions and contributions of each individual variety. Each grain gives a unique character to the distillate and balancing each of them is paramount to a successful distillation. They also focus on botanical distillations, blending and balancing what various herbs and seeds bring to the table with their distillation philosophy. Their Master Distiller is the artist, the grains and botanicals his medium, and the glass is his canvas.

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Spirits of French Lick
8145 W Sinclair St
West Baden Springs, IN 47469

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