Two EE's Winery, Huntington

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Passion for beauty and perfection

Every grape tells a story. A great winemaker understands this. Whether harvested from the ancient Italian vineyards or grown in the fertile Indiana soil, each grape relies upon a winemaker’s passion for beauty and perfection. As a young man, Eric Harris began making wine as a hobby. He spent long hours learning the craft of winemaking in the basement with Emily’s dad, Dennis Hart, never imagining that he would one day plant a vineyard of his own. But as experience often teaches us, our passions fuel our desires, and Eric soon discovered that he had a love for three things: Indiana, wine, and a beautiful woman named Emily. In 2010, Eric became a certified winemaker from the University of California Davis, allowing him to blend his unique process of winemaking with his educational expertise. In 2011, Eric merged his three passions, establishing Two-EE’s Winery in Roanoke, Indiana, with his fiancé, Emily Hart. Together, Eric and Emily have discovered winemaking as an art, and Two-EE’s stands as the first of many testaments to their love for one another and for their local region.

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Two EE's Winery, Huntington
6808 North US 24 E
Huntington, IN 46750

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