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Hopwood Cellars Winery, Zionsville

Delicious wine in Downtown Zionsville

WELCOME! Hopwood Cellars Winery is located in the Village of Zionsville at 12 E Cedar St. In 1994 Ron started thinking and working out the details to open the winery. Hopwood Cellars has been in existence since 1996, however it has not been where the public can come and enjoy their wines. After much thought and research Ron and Janet found the perfect location. Downtown Zionsville offers brick paved streets with a variety of wonderful shops, restaurants and galleries. You can park on the street and walk through the beautiful town, shopping or just sight seeing. At Hopwood Cellars Winery you can step up to the wine bar and taste the wines that were made with local Midwest grapes, many from Indiana. You can purchase by the glass and relax with us or by the bottle. So come on by the cellar and pick up a bottle of fine wine for your next occasion.