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The Walk of Nightmares

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Darkness has always hung heavy over Shiloh Woods.

For years, local stories told of lights that led into the woods, only to vanish and leave travelers alone in the dark.  Others spoke of nameless whispers from behind their backs, only to turn and see no one else among the trees.  To walk alone through the woods was commonly acknowledged as pure folly, for one could feel eyes upon them with every step.  No one knew why the woods held such an aura of foreboding...until now.

Recently, a group of sinister beings called the Watchers, led by a witch named Sekhmet, began harvesting the souls of the living within the woods.  Their sacrifices fed the darkness, stirring an ancient evil from below that no one knew existed.  As this force of evil arises, it demands further sacrifices to sate its terrible hunger.  Terrible beings from all over this world and beyond flock to its presence like carrion to a corpse, eager to serve their new Dark Master.


Contact Information

The Walk of Nightmares
5433 Quince Road
Plymouth, IN 46563

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Dates: Oct 18–26, 2019

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