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Comfort Food Trail, Southwest Indiana

A Yummy trip Through our Southwest Corner

It’s no surprise that Midwest Living wrote a feature on all the wonderful places to eat and shop for fresh produce along what they dubbed Indiana’s “Comfort Food Trail.” You’ll want to take at least a couple of days for this delicious tour.

The Blue Heron Vineyard in Cannelton is an excellent way to start your tummy trip. Tour the vineyards and taste their unique wines on serene grounds featuring a large Celtic cross, hand-carved within a stone natural to the hillside. 

In Tell City, see how Indiana Artisan Tell City Pretzels are made. Hand-twisted since 1858, you can see the finger imprint on each crunchy treat.  

The main attraction of Evansville’s West Side Nut Club Festival is definitely the food, so be sure to plan your visit Oct. 2 - 7. You can certainly find standard festival fare, but more adventurous eaters should look for exotic choices like alligator stew, chocolate-covered grasshoppers and brain sandwiches. 

For a more relaxing stop, treat yourself to the calm and serenity of the New Harmony Inn. Nestled on a bend of the Wabash River, this haven offers a time for reflection and rejuvenation with winding paths, labyrinth gardens, fountains, waterfalls and sculptures...

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