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Hayes Arboretum Mountain Bike Trails, Richmond

Bike or hike through 100 years of Indiana's natural history.

Hayes Arboretum is the educational project of S.W. Hayes Research Foundation, Inc. In 2015 we are actually celebrating our 100th anniversary! Our educational activities and the experiences we offer focus on both nature and recreational programs. There are 466 acres located in Richmond, Indiana that Hayes Arboretum makes available to our members and visitors. There are unique plant, rock and fossil collections as well as miles of hiking, biking and running paths. Other features found on his property include 3% of Indiana’s old growth forest, as well as many acres of reforested woods. An 1833 dairy barn that acts as our Nature Center, filled with exhibits on regional flora and fauna. There's also the Hayes Museum, where you can learn about the Arboretum's rich history. Throughout the Arboretum you can find ponds, fields, wetlands, and even an Indian Mound. Hayes Arboretum is open free of charge to the public. There are many reasons to come and visit, so bring your friends and family and explore! Hayes Arboretum's Mountain Bike trails are located on the East Side of the property, on the corner of Woodside Dr. and Hayes Arboretum Rd. Before riding, you must sign a one-time safety waiver, and of course, wear a helmet!