About Barefoot in the Park

The Pulitzer award-winning play by Neil Simon comes to life on the Brown County stage! Paul and Corie are newlyweds fresh off their six-day honeymoon. He’s a straight-laced lawyer and she’s a free spirit looking for the next adventure. They’ve just moved into their first apartment-six flights up where the heat works backward and the centerpiece is the hole in the skylight. Faced with the growing pains of a new life together, surprise visits from Corie’s mother and their upstairs neighbor Mr. Velasco, and a social evening where everything goes wrong, Paul and Corie come to realize that love is no Plaza Suite. But maybe it’s worth walking barefoot in the park once in a while… includes Dania Lenova as Corie, Stephen Planalp as Paul, Kristy Kelley as Mother, and Jonathan Reinhart as Mr. Velasco