About 16th Annual Sundance Women’s Mountain Bike & Outdoor Retreat

Welcome to the 16th Annual Sundance Women’s Mountain Bike & Outdoor Retreat, where we’ve created a whole new experience. Come for activities like group mountain bike rides, but also for wine tasting & canvas (painting), an interactive cooking class, yoga, hiking, an outdoor movie & camaraderie with other women. Or, you can have all of this, plus daily mountain biking clinics to progress your skills. Sundance MTB will even be hosting the inaugural DINO Series Women’s Electric Fox MTB Race, for all to have an opportunity to give racing a try & have a chance to win exciting prizes (race registration directly through DINOseries.com or at camp). This retreat is nestled in the heart of Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana, named one of the top destinations for mountain biking. Group tent camping under the stars is included with all retreat participants in the Rally campground areas. Come bring your tent, enjoy a campfire & share stories from the day. What sets the Sundance Women’s MTB & Outdoor Retreat apart from a typical camp is the experience of being with other women, mountain biking, AND added activities with an emphasis on an environment of fun & friendship!