About Meltdown Winter Ice Festival

Richmond’s 9th annual Meltdown Winter Ice Festival will convert downtown Richmond into a frozen art gallery with stunning ice carvings. These works of art are created from solid blocks of ice using chisels, handsaws, chainsaws and blow torches. Watch the ice creations come alive before your very eyes. On-site carvings by the best ice carvers that have carved around the world will transform over 10 tons of ice into jaw-dropping ice sculptures. The festival hosts activities for the whole family to enjoy, including ping pong, skee-ball, a slide and a giant throne, all made of pure ice! Friday evening, there will be drive-in movie experience. Saturday evening. is the main event: the Meltdown Throwdown! It's an ice carving competition full of excitement. Watch two teams of skilled carvers battle it out on stage creating stunning ice sculptures where you decide who wins. Fireworks will conclude this event. Sculptures will remain on display until they melt.