About Single Woman Chronicles. The Stage Play

Charbria Shine’s Single Woman Chronicles The Stage Play’s purpose is to encourage single women to thrive in life and to create their own lane despite societal and family pressures to hurry up and settle down because their clock is ticking. It encourages women to find wholeness, joy and self before focusing on love. Single Woman Chronicles tells Kera Kensington’s story, a young woman who is obsessed with love and marriage to her detriment but through a series of events she finds healing, wholeness and life again after a devastating breakup. The play follows Kera and her best friends Mercedes and Tatiana whose experiences with men challenge their self-worth, faith, and identity. With “real talk” monologues and heartfelt songs this play challenges the stigmas associated with being a single woman. ----------------------------- Single Woman Chronicles Official Website: https://charbriashine.com/swcthestageplay Children under the age of 4 are not permitted at this event.