About 1980 (Or Why I'm Voting For John Anderson)

The Midwest Premiere of 1980 (Or Why I'm Voting For John Anderson) by Patricia Cotter. A comedy about class, race and learning to believe that anything is possible, before you learn that it actually isn't. For a sliver of a shining moment in the fall of 1980, it looked as though a little known congressman from Illinois, John Anderson, might actually have a chance to be a contender for President of the United States. At least that's what the campaign staff of John Anderson For President believes. In a bare bones campaign office in Boston, Massachusetts, four very different (and slightly lost) people search for answers and hope that their long shot candidate will change their country and their lives. Directed by Ronan Marra Featuring Chelsea Anderson, Bridget Haight, Jamaal McCray and Carly Wagers Admission is free but donations are encouraged and go to support Indianapolis artists. Free parking is available in the lot behind our building. If The Vogue is having an event, tell the parking attendant that you are "going to Storefront" and they will let you park for free.