About Music in Bloom: Forward

Music in Bloom is a 4-day festival in Indianapolis, Indiana presenting contemporary classical music by living composers of the late-20th and 21st centuries. Music in Bloom cultivates interactive opportunities for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to engage with contemporary classical music within the state of Indiana and beyond. The Festival promotes artistic exchange within the greater Indianapolis community, presents innovative and engaging concert experiences, highlights composers with close ties to Indiana and the greater Midwest region, and features artists who are continuing the evolution of classical music. In 2021, Music in Bloom welcomes vocalist Amy Petrongelli, saxophonist Nick Zoulek, cellist Horacio Contreras, pianist Clare Longendyke, and percussionist Matthew Coley in performances that celebrate the diversity of people, cultures, and musical aesthetics within the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and the entire Midwest Region.