About "Neighborhood Musings: Paintings by Donna Shortt" Art Exhibit

Join us at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette for a new exhibition: "Neighborhood Musings: Paintings" by Donna Shortt! This exhibit will feature paintings created by Shortt during the 2020 pandemic. “I believe that the public will find it interesting to know that, unlike some businesses that had to shut down or reduce their hours this past year, visual artists had more time to practice their craft. I find that physical exercise is a great mind soother, and in my daily walks, I grew to appreciate my neck-of-the-woods and practice the age-old recommendation for artists to "paint what you know". I grew fond of the many dogs on walks with their owners and found satisfaction in painting them as well.” - Donna Shortt "Neighborhood Musings: Paintings" will run from June 11th - September 19th in the Shook Gallery. The museum is open 7 days a week, 11-4pm.