About PRIMUS - A Tribute to Kings

American Rock band Primus first came together in the mid-1980s, bringing fans a distinct style of Alternative Rock that wholly distinguishes them from their contemporaries. Primus' tour dates -- which include their 2017 Ambushing The Storm Tour, 2014 Primus & The Chocolate Factory Tour, and 2014 Spring Tour -- have taken the group across the globe. Their tour stops are mostly centered in the Americas but often include legs in Europe and Oceania as well. During their live shows, Primus delivers their trademark brand of rock, metal, and funk elements, laced with ridiculous lyrics sung by bassist Les Claypool (along with his legendary slap bass stylings). Their musicianship is combined with wild costumes and a sense of theater that get audiences moving and laughing in equal measure. Primus' superb musicianship and stage presence haven't gone unnoticed. Their early 1990s work, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese and Pork Soda, both went platinum. In addition, Their 1996 release, Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, and their 2013 re-release of Sailing The Seas Of Cheese both earned them Grammy nominations: Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Surround Sound Album, respectively.