About Saturday Concert Series: The Monarchs

Our second longest playing band at Turtle Run Winery is back! Join us for the good time rock-n-roll classics of The Monarchs! This band is THE Louisville Tradition. This is one of the bands that's a must-hear if you want solid, solid professional music with crisp, clear, concise sound. Harmonies are spot on. Great energy and great entertainment for all. And the time is correct, 4:00-7:00. Later in the day. Our concerts are free and they are family-friendly. You are welcome to bring food though sometimes we have a food vendor here. We also have cheese and crackers available too, and Diane brings breads to sell most Sundays..No other alcohol permitted. Our concerts normally end at 5:30 and we supposedly close at 6:00. If you want to stay later than 6:00, that's fine. Cheers, Laura, Jim, Max, Joe, Catherine, and our wonderful staff.