About Wine Appreciation Class -- Wine Education Like Nothing Else!

Exploring the world of wine one very unique glass at a time and one individualized taste bud at a time. The Turtle Run Wine Experience Class is just that -- the most unique wine class ever. Do we challenge the notion that there are "red wine glasses" and "white wine glasses?" Perhaps. But maybe the science on glass shape is right...or rightly wrong. When reading "Wine Enthusiast" and we see how all these flavors exist in wines and what flavors they are. How come I can't experience them? Or can I? What about the food and wine pairings such as a steak and red wine? How do I get it right? Can I get it right? Or should I get it right? Hmmm So whose Chardonnay is better anyway, French or California? And why are Italian Pinot Grigio's so different from American versions? And why is my friend stuck on her White Zinfandel? When is she going to grow up and like real wine, like dry reds? Perhaps there are other characteristics this friend has that makes her beholden to like "white zin." Could the clothes she wears or doesn't wear create credence as to why she would like "white zin?" Could coffee, yes coffee, determine one's wine preference. Or perhaps certain seasonings, like cilantro. So are aged wines really better than fresh wines? T