About Prehistoric Porter County

In 1909, Porter County farmer Myron Benedict was plowing his field when he came across what appeared to be a massive tooth. It was harvest season, and the busy farmer threw the tooth in a corncrib and forgot all about it. In April of 1949, Benedict unearthed parts of a skeleton, teeth, and tusks of a mastodon (Mammut americanum) while plowing a portion of his property that had never been previously tilled. Digging for the mastodon bones was delayed until the fall of 1949 so that the soil could dry out and ease to work involved in recovery and preservation efforts. These artifacts and others are on display in the Prehistoric Porter County exhibit. Children are invited to do a little digging of their own, and visitors are asked to think about what they would do if they found a tooth in their backyard. Check the website for times.