About Kuehnert Dairy Fall Festival

The Kuehnert Family is extremely excited to be able to share their farm, family and cows, and to tell you their farm story. They want consumers to see what life is like as a dairy farmer, how they care for their cows and the land. It is their passion to educate the general public, so that they know that milk comes from a cow, how a gallon of milk gets to the grocery store, and to know the importance of milk in a healthy diet. Admission includes all activities on the farm including: visiting the freestall barn, where the cows spend their time and eat; learning how baby calves are cared for; and view modern farm machinery. Visit the 5-acre Corn Maze, Straw Mountain, Corn Crib Play Area,Cornhole Games, 70 foot x 30 foot Jumppad, Tile Swing, Holy Cow Football, Hayrides, Fire Pits, Pumpkin painting, educational activities, daily children’s activities and farm tours led by our staff. Enjoy delicious dairy snacks featuring soft-serve ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cold milk. Even enjoy a hotdog and smores while sitting around a bonfire only feet away from the cows.