About Sunday Concert Series: Ron Jones Jazz Quartet

True....Authentic....Jazz! At it's finest. The Ron Jones Jazz Quartet is singlehandedly the longest continuous player at our Sunday Concert Series which makes Ron andd the gang the longest continuous musical act at wineries in the Midwest. This is true American classic jazz at its finest. Classic, classic jazz. Ron jams with the Sax. Sonny on base. Todd on the key's and Bruce normally on the drums. Great stuff Our concerts are free and they are family friendly. You are welcome to bring food though sometimes we have a food vendor here. We also have cheese and crackers available too, and Diane brings breads to sell most Sundays..No other alcohol permitted. Our concerts normally end at 5:30 and we supposedly close at 6:00. If you want to stay later than 6:00, that's fine. Cheers, Laura, Jim, Max, Joe, Catherine, and our wonderful staff.