About Sunday Concert Series -- Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes

Join us for the first concert of the year with Nervous Melvin, a band that "owns" the songs they play. Ever heard a remake of a song and think, wow, this band took that song to an entirely new level. That's Nervous Melvin. They cover a lot but turn them all into their own Nervous Melvin style, which is totally cool. Songs originate all the way back to the 50's, but don't look for a song list. Nervous Melvin has over a thousand songs in their repertoire and they play as they go. No song list! So each performance is unique!!! Most of the genre comes from the 80's I'd guess, though lots from the 70's and some from the 60's. They'll also toss some modern tunes in as well. Great. great band. Our concerts are free and they are family friendly. You are welcome to bring food though sometimes we have a food vendor here. We also have cheese and crackers available too, and Diane brings breads to sell most Sundays.. No other alcohol permitted. Our concerts normally end at 5:30 and we supposedly close at 6:00. If you want to stay later than 6:00, that's fine. Cheers, Laura, Jim, Max, Joe, Catherine, and our wonderful staff.