About Collaboratorium: Poetry & Image

Collaboratorium brings artists together to create together. We’ll be creating collaborative works on paper that include text and image, experimenting with writers responding to artists and vice versa. Finished works will then be printed as digital posters (free copies will be available to all participating artists) and posted in public spaces around Fort Wayne and the US. Collaboratorium is held at Artlink on the third Wednesday of each month and is an 18+ event. About Collaboratorium Collaboratorium is an artmaking session run by Italian Friend ArtRuckus which brings together artists, musicians, performers, and writers to create collaborative, improvised works in a wide range of mediums, including visual art, music, video, and performance art. Collaboratorium sessions take place in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages participants to focus on the processes of collaboration, experimentation, and improvisation. In 2018, Artlink began working with Collaboratorium to hold a collaborative event the third Wednesday of each month.