About Christmas at the Haan Museum

Imagine, in this computer age, something that gets young people to forget about cell phones and screens. The trains at the Haan Museum do just that during Christmas at the Haan Museum. Visit London as two trains meander past the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, and many other famous landmarks. Visit historic American and Lafayette landmarks as a larger train passes through a closet and bedroom into another bedroom. Take an even closer look by crawling through a tunnel and watching from inside the loop. You'll find Christmas trees in almost every room. Kids can play in the gingerbread-style house or ride in a sleigh behind two (stationary) reindeer. Santas, garland, wreaths, nativity sets and interactive musical characters that sing and dance add to the Christmas spirit. The Indiana paintings and antiques will remain in place during Christmas to maintain the homey feel of the Colonial Revival mansion.