About The 2018 Spirit & Place Festival

The 2018 Spirit & Place Festival is all about Intersection! Intersection (noun): A place where two or more roads meet. Intersect (verb): To cut or divide by passing through or across. One word, slightly changed in spelling, can mean a place of meeting or an act of dividing. We encourage you to think of INTERSECTION as the place and space where the but, or, and, also, between, either, and other meets. It is the flip in the coin toss of life. Spirit & Place hopes the INTERSECTION theme will allow you to explore unique and even radical collaborative opportunities! We invite you to explore pairings of atypical ideas, speakers, and event formats in an effort to both delight and challenge. As always, we want you—and your audience—to reflect on what INTERSECTION means to your work, personal life, faith practice, and creative self. The Spirit & Place Festival will feature various diverse events and workshops around Indianapolis from November 2nd to November 11th. Details on the events and workshops can be found on our website, or on our Facebook page's event tab. *Please note that the majority of the festival's events and workshops are free. However, some may require a registration or ticket fee.