About The Portland Cello Project

Join Portland’s premiere alt-classical group for a night in homage to Radiohead. Expect an evening of unique renditions of Radiohead pieces that wander from truly epic to breathtakingly intimate. Portland Cello Project will perform the historic album, OK Computer, in its entirety, along with a curated collection of other Radiohead pieces. Cello Project first performed OK Computer in its entirety in 2012 for the 15th anniversary of the album’s release, and ever since then, pieces of it have remained in the group’s repertoire as constantly evolving musical meditations. All of the cellists in the group are classically trained, and yet, all of them seem to find a unique connection between Radiohead and their musical foundation. The deep layers of sonic ecstasy are reminiscent of so much late-19th-century music of the Western Classical Tradition, but beyond that, each of the cellists has worked to bring out the subtleties they discover, hinting at everything from Bach counterpoint to rhythms they initially learned counting and performing Stravinsky. This performance will feature 14 cellos on stage, plus a guest vocalist and a percussionist. Doors will open at 7:30pm for this reserved seating event.