About Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival

Rosenvolk is a child friendly, interactive event. Music, games, live steel, food booths, 3 stages with theatre that will bring smiles to both adults & kids alike. Live JOUST! Yes people it is real & they do get knocked off their horses. Shane Adams Host of History Channels "Full Metal Jousting" will be joining us! Fire breathing, comedy, historical music, jesters, the list goes on. Saturday night enjoy our Woodland Masquerade Ball until 10:00pm. Enjoy our craft beers and mead garden. We also have unique vendors, that make historically accurate viking weaponry, to unicorn horns & everything in between. Be surprised by street performers as you wander the fesitval grounds. It's hard to know who's a patron like yourself, or who will engage you in storytelling. This is Rosenvolks 4th year and many of our patrons delight in dressing up and joining in the fun! Of course jeans & T-shirt is great as well. If you change your mind once you get there, our vendors will be happy to dress you up. Or help you find that special something to add to your historical garb. Meet our Landsknechts, German foot soldiers, will teach safe hand to hand combat, history, & so much more. Too much to see in 1 day, buy a weekend pass & enjoy all 3 days.