About Purple Tie Dinner - meet Coach Mike Ditka

All are invited to the Saint Joseph’s College inaugural Purple Tie Dinner honoring Chicago Bears legendary coach Mike Ditka to take place on Saturday, June 9, 2018, at the Fair Oaks Farmhouse off of I-65 north of Rensselaer. This event will provide an opportunity for many Pumas and friends of St. Joe’s College to re-engage and move forward with new plans for the next 127 years. The 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears were a legendary team, and Coach Ditka has graciously agreed to join us because of his affection for the College and the people of Jasper County. ”I enjoyed the people that I met as a Bear during the preseason workout camps in Rensselaer. They were good to me, and I look forward to seeing them again.” -- Coach Mike Ditka, January 2018 The proceeds from the dinner will support the renovation of Schwietermann Hall, which will be the first residence hall to be used with the re-opening of the Rensselaer campus.