About Young Actors Theatre Presents: Medusa

Join Young Actors Theatre for a reprisal of one of our most popular original performances: Medusa. This modern-day interpretation of the classic Greek myth explores bullying in the classroom. When one student makes a small choice, the whole class feels the consequences. What happens when one person makes the choice to push everyone away and become a bully? Join the Kids Playground as they learn to make a change for the better even after making mistakes. RUN TIME: 40 MINUTES Medusa is fortunate to open with a short performance from our K-3rd grade actors, the Sandbox! This 2nd-3rd grade group will be debuting an original Sandbox Fable, Who What When Where Why. Something important has been forgotten. Something way important. Hear the tales of different students as they struggle to navigate their lives without the most important thing of all: questions. How do the questions we ask shape our lives, and how can we find the courage to ask the right questions? RUN TIME: 10 MINUTES All YAT performances have an awards ceremony following the final show! Price: 18 and under- Free 19 and up- $15 for both shows Note: Start time is the time of the pre-show