About Artisan Trail of Harrison County Show at Best Vineyards

The Artisan Trail of Harrison County (ATHC) is a coming together of artisans within Harrison County and the surrounding area – 4 weekend dates at Best Vineyards and Winery are scheduled where members will gather together and display work for sale and provide working demonstrations. Visit the members of the ATHC anytime throughout the year by contacting them about a visit. The dates are Saturdays (3:00 – 9:00) May 12, June 9, July 14 and August 11. The Bests will be providing music both days and more will be added to make these days into festive events for art, music and wine lovers. Music 7/14 is Blues Redemption and 8/11 is Donnie Dynamite and the Dynamos. Members participating will be Carl deGraaf, potter, Hensley Homegrown, Bill Keeton, custom made knives, Sheryl Scharf, drawing and painting, Dave Schotter, wood carving, Gloria Schotter, jewelry, Paul Schreck, wood turner, and 3D Valley Farm. Join us for art, music, wine, food and more! http://www.facebook.com/artisantrailofharrisoncounty/ http://www.artisantrailofhc.com