About AACA Central Spring Meet

We are back in Auburn again and this year there is much to talk about! First, we are excited to join forces with the Nash Car Club of America in our first ever joint national meet. The leadership of NCCA and AACA are offering members a great opportunity to experience more classic cars and allowing those who are members of both clubs to be judged by both clubs on the same day! This should be a real treat for everyone and expand the size and breadth of the show. Friday night we will have a terrific concert free to all members of NCCA and AACA. Our group this year will be a Beach Boy tribute band, so bring your Hawaiian shirt and best voices to sing along. New for this year also will be a terrific seminar “The History of Charles W. Nash - the Greatest Rags to Riches Story in American Automotive History.” Admission is FREE to spectators- pre-registered cars @$35.00 per car (Members only).