About "Murder in Triplicate"

Prepare for an evening of intrigue, mystery and murder as Candlelight Theatre presents Murder in Triplicate! Three one-act plays, written by resident playwright James Trofatter, will entertain patrons as they rotate through three rooms of the Presidential mansion. Ambient lighting, candlelight, and artifacts of the 23rd President of the United States set the stage for a most unique theatre experience. Besty is performed in the back parlor. A newlywed couple arrives home after a whirlwind romance. But they find they are not alone. The ghost of the husband’s former love tugs relentlessly at the couple, slowly revealing the facts of her unexplained death. In the dining room patrons will experience The Photograph Album. Elizabeth Robbins and her brother are still trying to cope with the murder-suicide of their parents. They reminisce through the family photo album to discover that one of the photographs is missing. As they delve further through the album, a horrifying mystery reveals itself.