About Public Preview Vice Presidential Plates

The Indiana china painters are doing a special project for the Vice President’s residence in Washington, DC. When Mrs. Pence became Second Lady I contacted her and offered our artistic talents to the nation. Mrs. Pence readily accepted the offer and the Vice Presidential Plate Project began. Forty-one artists will be painting 100 reception dessert plates with the 50 state flowers. These plates will remain in the permanent china collection in the Vice President’s residence. The artists were juried in by the public by voting on a china painting exhibit at the 2017 Indiana State Fair. Each artist will paint 2 identical plates (with a few artists painting more than one set). The plates being used are companion pattern plates to the current Vice Presidential service made by Lenox. The finished 100 plates will be on public display prior to being sent to Washington to remain in the permanent collection. The artists will have a public preview of the plates at the Art Sanctuary March 16 & 17 in Martinsville.