About Hearthside Suppers

Hearthside Suppers invites guests to take part in an entertaining evening with costumed interpreters. Hosted in historic William Conner House, you’ll arrive just in time for a light appetizer then lend a hand with the final preparations of the meal. You’ll churn butter, grind coffee, prepare vegetables and more. Through work, conversation and play, you’ll learn about 19th-century food and cooking techniques. Then, after instruction in proper etiquette, you’ll settle in and enjoy a delicious supper by candlelight followed by 19th-century parlor games and dessert. This program is for ages 10 and older. Visit our website for dates. Reservations are required and can be made online at connerprairie.org or by calling (317) 776-6000. $65 non-member adult, $60 member adult. $60 non-member youth, $55 member youth