About Brain Candy Live!

It’s what your mind is hungry for… Adam Savage (formerally of Mythbusters), one of television's most loved personalities, has joined forces with Michael Stevens, one of YouTube's biggest stars and they're arriving at IU Auditorium on March 6, 2018. They’re bringing along their crazy toys, incredible tools, and mind-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that’s an interactive theatrical experience like no other. Savage and Stevens can’t wait to unleash their collective sense of wonder, curiosity, and fun and they’re inviting you and your friends and family to join in and get your minds messy. Adam and Michael’s Brain Candy Live! experience is like a two-hour play date with Walt Disney, Willy Wonka, and Albert Einstein. Smart is the new superpower and two of this planet's most entertaining everyday heroes are coming to your town to rescue you and your family from boredom. Join them as they use their secret recipe of fun, surprise, excitement (and just a pinch of danger) to cook up and deliver a giant batch of magical Brain Candy LIVE at IU Auditorium!