About Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent, The Queen of Bluegrass, as described by The Wall Street Journal, brings an energy and excitement to her music when performing live. Vincent and her band, The Rage, are considered the most award-winning band in bluegrass music history. They have received more than 100 awards, including accolades from the Grammys, International Bluegrass Music Association, and Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America. Breaking the stereotypical image of a bluegrass performer, Rhonda Vincent takes the stage in designer gowns and stiletto heels. “We’re changing the landscape of our music in many aspects; to show we are sophisticated, educated, and hold a deep respect for the tradition of our music, keeping the roots embedded within the perimeters of our songs, to create a balance of tradition mixed with a contemporary flare, and present our own unique brand of music,” Rhonda explains. Vincent is known for playing breakneck riffs on the mandolin but her voice is the centerpiece of her performance. Combining with the rhythms of the world class musicians that make up The Rage, the result will be a performance you won’t want to miss.