About Columbus Craft Beerfest

Columbus Craft Beerfest is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit. Our mission is to create high quality events that organize craft brewers for the purpose of economic development, promoting local businesses, and tourism to support our community and the charities within it. This mission executes our broader vision of promoting all Columbus has to offer by showcasing the uniqueness and assets of the city to regional and local guests. Columbus Craft Beerfest Co. was formed by a group of young people who wanted to have a high quality event in Columbus. After learning the constraints of non-profit partnerships, they set out to do it on their own and created this company. Their focus has been, and will continue to be - to do right by the brewers, attendees, their city, and all involved in making this festival happen. The #1 goal is to throw a high quality event, spread the love of craft beer, and improve the life of residents of Columbus. Any funds that are not spent on the festival, are donated back into the community.