About Naturally Inspired Art Show

Each spring, guests can experience the Zoo through the eyes of artists — both human and animal — at Naturally Inspired Paint Out Day! During this annual event, artists transform a blank canvas or a hunk of clay into a truly extraordinary work of art inspired by the natural world, right here at the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. After the paintings have dried and been professionally framed by The Great Frame Up Broad Ripple & Downtown, they are displayed for the summer in the Schaefer Rotunda at White River Gardens. Plus, you also get to enjoy the works of some of our more artistically inclined animals. Who knows — you may see a penguin Picasso, a walrus Warhol, an elephant Escher and many others! Admission is free for Zoo members and included with regular admission. Guests are encouraged to save money by purchasing advance tickets online at IndianapolisZoo.com. Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-7pm Fri-Sun & holidays