About Stage Flight

You’ve seen the Oscars, with the glamour, the lights, the famous stars, and big musical performances. Well, have you ever wondered what happens on that stage the night BEFORE the big show? “No Business Like Show Business” combines acrobatics and aerial performances with the challenges of preparing for the big opening number that will be watched by millions. Of course, things would go more smoothly if the director wasn’t such a clown. Literally. He does his best to organize the performers, camera operators, and set builders but it’s the trusty assistant director who actually makes it all possible. Amazing feats of strength, beautiful choreography, and silly clowning creates a performance that everyone will enjoy. A wide variety of circus arts will be on display, from triple trapeze to adagio, a group acrobatics number, Chinese pole and several other aerial performances. In addition, lights and music will delight the senses for adults and children alike. Be prepared to laugh at the director’s troubles, be amazed at physical feats, and sigh at graceful performances.