About SIDE-JABS Opening Reception

Mr. Lee is debuting in his first solo show in over 2 years at gallery406 in Bloomington, titled SIDE-JABS. Mr. Lee will be displaying over 15 new large format silkscreen paintings that will be on sale at gallery406 from April to the end of May. SIDE-JABS. What do we desire? To be loved or to love another? Fame and Accolades? Is it to have a passion or purpose in life? SIDE-JABS is a personal love story about Mr. Lee's inner struggles and self-doubt. These paintings will display the duality of Mr. Lee's consciousness and the knowledge of his selfishness to obtain what he desires. With today’s world and the access to obtain everything we want with a click of a mouse, is taking those sacrifices even worth it? Where will this lead? Mr. Lee is a mixed media artist from Indianapolis that explores the world of media and how it explains beauty, life, and passion. He portrays this with using type and imagery. Mr. Lee is fascinated with the process of building up layers from a variety of different mediums such as: collaging, drawing, painting and silk screening on large canvas. He conveys a narrative story to the viewer that illustrates feelings, struggles and obsessions towards these in everyday life.