About Michael English with The Nelons and Jeff Stice

Most people aspire to normalcy and arrive at complacency. Most people reach comfortable and, for better or worse, decide to stay. Michael English isn’t most people. In a culture that would rather turn a blind eye instead of pursuing something more…something different…Michael stands among the few who intentionally and passionately pursue change from the inside out. Not behavior modification...not a step-by-step program to self-improvement…but an active, daily encounter with our endlessly creative Savior. Encounters that don’t let you settle… Encounters that bring you face to face with the One who knows the innermost workings of the heart He created inside and gently, firmly, molds, shapes, leads and guides that very heart until it is more and more like His. This is where Michael English is living. Not among the many; but among the few who dare for more…the ‘some’ who dare to change. And so, six years out from his last full-length project, it’s fitting that his magnificent return to the studio as a solo artist embraces, explores and celebrates that, yes, indeed, Some People Change. As with every creative venture Michael has pursued, including his current stint as lead vocalist for the Gaither Vocal Band, the record only confirms wha