The Gadabout Film Festival

About The Gadabout Film Festival

The annual Gadabout Film Festival is an internationally-touring short film program with a unique style and energy, thanks to the curating powers of co-producers Eric Ayotte and Charlie Jones. A Gadabout screening is an experience accessible to everyone, from film aficionados to film novices, with a selection of high-quality, well-paced films diverse in genre, medium, and content. The program will include documentaries, animations, narratives, and just plain fun films. You’ll leave inspired and curious, having laughed, pondered, and maybe even teared up. This event is expected to last two hours. All of the films screened will be ten minutes in length or shorter. We don’t yet know the age-appropriateness of the Gadabout Film Festival films so check back later for that information. Films submitted to the Instant Gratification Movie Challenge are not pre-screened so age appropriateness is difficult to assess. Doors will open at 6:30 PM.