Gold City at The Blue Gate Theatre

About Gold City at The Blue Gate Theatre

What makes a successful Southern Gospel recording artist? Some may insist that it involves some combination of talent and dedication, of appearance and perseverance. Yet, when you meet the members of Gold City, when you sit down with them away from the stage and the crowds, you see something more than mere talent or dedication. Instead you soon learn the reason for Gold City's success collectively has more to do with their love for God individually. There's no questioning the success of Gold City. Since the group's formation some 30 years ago in the historical gold rush town of Dahlonega, GA, this Southern Gospel quartet has consistently remained at the top of their field. Songs like "In My Robe of White" and "I'll Think I'll Read It Again" were immediate successes during the group's earliest years. Since then, number one plaques have continued to compete for shelf space with industry awards.