Haunted Hills Hospital

About Haunted Hills Hospital

Hills Hospital was one of the nation's dirty little secrets. This was the place where the most psychotic prisoners that were too evil for a mental facility were sent to rot and die. Dr. Howard H. Crowley had his own way of doing things, using the patients to perform crazy experiments. He claimed that the experiments were meant to cure the patient. No one was ever helped. The procedures only drove the patients further into madness. He liked to perform rituals to summon demons in the swamp outside the hospital. Some of the rituals included animal and human sacrifices. The patients eventually grew tired of the abuse from the doctor and the medical staff. There was an uprising and the patients took over the facility. The local authorities were terrified because of the stories they had heard and the legends that were spread, The building and the surrounding areas were condemned and no one has entered the Hills Hospital grounds since............Until Now! Prepare to experience the terror inside Haunted Hills Hospital. Walk through 8,000 sq ft of pure terror. Will you make it out or will you become the newest patient? A portion of the proceeds benefit St. Jude's Childrens' Research Hospital and Gabriel's Horn.