431 Gallery: Art and Impact

About 431 Gallery: Art and Impact

In 1984, Massachusetts Avenue began its transformation from a spot few people wanted to go to the place where everyone wanted to be. That year, 17 artists formed a collective and opened 431 Gallery in a storefront at 431 Massachusetts Avenue. Alongside other ground-breaking galleries, 431 allowed its artists to show their sculptures, paintings and photographs - cutting-edge art that was different than anything else happening in Indianapolis at the time - in a setting that was both unique and poised for revitalization. 431 Gallery: Art and Impact is a glimpse back in time to the beginning of a new art scene in Indianapolis, and the influence it had on the community that supported it.The exhibit will feature a partial re-creation of the gallery, where visitors can view two- and three-dimensional works by former Herron students from the original cooperative.