Mayberry in the Midwest Festival

About Mayberry in the Midwest Festival

Taking place May 17 & 18, 2014, this 2-day festival celebrates all things Mayberry. The festival will be held right in the middle of downtown Danville, around the Hendricks County Courthouse Square, with several themed activities, and appearances by two original cast members, Maggie Peterson, who played Charlene Darling on the show, and Rodney Dillard, who portrayed one of the Darling boys. Lots of contests to participate in including: Aunt Bee’s Pie Eating Contest Barney’s Quick Draw Citizen’s Arrest Ernest T’s Bride Floyd’s Barber Shop Shave Goober & Gomer’s Pit Stop Handcuff Putt Miss Mayberry Opie’s Fish Toss TP Wedding Dress Trivia Contest Whistling Contest Other activities include a parade, Opie’s World for kids, a concert at Ellis Park featuring Rodney Dillard and his band, and a church service on Sunday morning by Rodney Dillard, who is now a minister.