Miami Indian Heritage Days

About Miami Indian Heritage Days

Sponsored by the History Center, Miami Indian Heritage Days programs are held from 1-4 pm on the first Saturday of the month, May through November, and feature local artists, performers, and representatives from the Miami Indians and other Native American groups demonstrating aspects of their lasting heritage for the public to enjoy. September 7, Dani Tippman presents “Miami Harvest” on edible and usable plants and materials. Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville built a trading empire in this area that made him the richest man in Indiana by the time of his death in 1841. His home, built in 1827, is one of the premier attractions in the Historical Society’s collection since the restoration of the building’s exterior. Today his house is recognized as the oldest Native American dwelling in the Midwest and the first Greek Revival style house in northeast Indiana. The Chief Richardville House was named a National Historic Landmark this past year, only one of two in Allen County and one of only 38 in the state of Indiana. Admission fees include access to all programs and tours of the Chief's home: $7.00 Adults $5.00 for students and seniors History Center members and children ages 5 and under are free.