Ferdinand Folk Festival

About Ferdinand Folk Festival

Nestled among the hills and fields of southwestern Indiana, the Ferdinand Folk Festival is an earth-friendly and family-friendly event promoting music, the arts and the environment. This free festival, located in Ferdinand’s 18th Street Park, will feature nationally-acclaimed musicians as well as exceptional local and regional acts. Patrons will experience a rich variety of acoustic music on the stage. In nearby booths, local artists and artisans will display and sell their work, area gardeners and farmers will sell fresh produce, and groups dedicated to creating vibrant communities and a sustainable environment will provide education on a variety of topics. Fun activities for children will also be available in the park. The festival’s primary mission is to promote, through music, the health and wellness of community, culture and environment. This folk music festival—folk music defined as “music originating among the common people of a nation or a region”—has its roots in the town’s desire to hold more cultural events and activities within its borders, along with several well-received, local house concert series, and a desire to share outstanding singer-songwriter-musicians with a broader audience.